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Investigating the Hytale Market (Speculation)

Published by TheHytaleServers
Investigating the Hytale Market (Speculation) - Blog Image

We predict why and how Hytale will have a big if not the biggest marketplace in gaming history.

Do you want to get a Hytale account and play, right now? So do I. It’s unfortunate that we can’t have this sort of luxury right now. SEO keyword manipulation out of the way, lets get on with the topic. We’re talking about Hytale’s marketplace.

Hytale Account Names

In this section, we’re going to speculate, based on Minecraft’s various marketplaces. The most common thing I think we will find are accounts with OG names. An OG account (as they are called) is an account registered with a rare name such as Water, or Pikachu, or sometimes an extremely short name, like X_.

Similar to an OG account are Semi OG accounts. They are OG accounts, except their names aren’t as rare.

We also have rank accounts, which are random accounts with ranks on popular servers. However, we will not cover these today.

This is probably going to be one of the first markets. In the first month after Hytale starts reserving names (or when Hytale releases, if they don’t reserve names), OGs will be worth almost nothing, as it’s so easy to get an OG account, the only cost being to register the account. However, after about a month, when every OG account is pretty much taken, business will start taking off in the OG account business.

Hytale Cosmetics

If the rumors are true, Hytale will have paid cosmetics. And if more rumors are true, we’ll be able to trade them. Rocket League (we don’t have to only include Minecraft) has one of the biggest markets in trading, as all items are valued with keys, you have crates so you can get more cosmetics, but most importantly, you can trade cosmetic items with others (as long as you are on the same platform).

We’re not going to dive in head first and turn this section into a Rocket League Trading 101, but if we have cosmetics, trading, and cosmetic crates, we will have a new market to target for trading and sales.

Mods, Builds and Other Products and Services

Servers need mods, builds, and other things to be sustainable. Hytale’s modding support are basically Spigot Plugins, except you can do anything. Making a Hytale mod will not be easy, but they may target multiple programming languages, making it easier overall to make mods.

Building services are nothing new to Minecraft, and most likely will carry over to Hytale. Hytale will be littered with building services, and they will look a lot nicer than Minecraft, possibly increasing demand. This is a smart move, as you will be able to profit with things a standard player might know. This will be a huge market, as it was for Minecraft. However, demand will drop slightly when we get more advanced or easier to use building tools, such as WorldEdit and VoxelSniper.

Other products and services are already well established in Minecraft, and there is no doubt it will be available on Hytale. I’m not going to go farther, as this article will go too long if I did so.


The Hytale Market will be giant, and so you should be there to contribute. Who knows? Maybe the Hytale Market will flop, and ruin many’s careers, or it might become a massive success, where you can work full time doing this sort of stuff. At the start, it’s basically a investment, where the market is unpredictable. After about 6 months, eventually it will go under control and be heavily predictable.

Thanks for reading.
- Bevan, Writer for TheHytaleServers.org