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What hytale hosting should you choose?

Published by TheHytaleServers
What hytale hosting should you choose? - Blog Image

Creating a minecraft server is easy. Hosting a minecraft server 24/7 is not. It will be the same with Hytale, you cannot doubt it. However, there are multiple services called hytale hosting services.

They (Hytale hosting providers) host your hytale server at a small (and often very cheap) fee, sometimes going as low to $1 per month for it to be completely set-up beforehand. However, like any SEO and mind manipulation master knows, it’s easy to lure customers in with a “premium feature” and more of their money selling a feature you don’t need.

That’s why I’m writing this article. It will save you from the various traps in server hosting.

Hytale hosting - things to pay attention to

There are various things a hytale server hosting needs to provide to you, the server owner, to be a viable host. These things are necessary for a good server host.

First thing you need: Reliability. If a server host isn’t reliable, you’re server will go offline many times more than it needs. You should expect at least 99% uptime. Ask other server owners about the host and it’s reliability, and then come to a conclusion.

Next thing: Support. They should have a knowledge base to help you with common issues, and an email staffed 24/7 for more specific issues. If you can’t contact them and get a response within 12 hours, it isn’t a good host.

Necessary: DDOS protection. You don’t want your players to lose access to your server, and so you absolutely MUST have DDoS protection, especially when your average player count is over 100 and you are growing. If your host doesn’t supply DDOS protection, and you own the domain, use Cloudflare as they offer the best DDOS protection in the world.

Things that you probably don’t need

There are also various things a server host will provide to you, even though it isn’t necessary. So I’ll tell you things that you probably don’t need.

This one is for certain servers: Modding support. You don’t need mods for an Adventure Mode server, only for some servers. Some providers provide a limited amount in your plan, and make you upgrade and spend more money if you want more. Avoid unless necessary.

This one's for no single person’s server, only for professional servers: Databases. You don’t and will never need a database, unless using certain mods. If you see SQL, you don’t need it. You can simply use local configuration files.

And very last: Custom Server Versions. These are modified servers that give you extra features, and the feature is useless, for everybody, at least right now. You don’t ever need it.

That ends this article. I hope it can help you choose what host to support and run your server on.

If you want to find a great host, look at our list of top rated hytale server hosting companies! https://thehytaleservers.org/hosting

Thanks for reading. :)

- Bevan (TheHytaleServers.org Copywritter)